Quality and compliance focused software

The most comprehensive approach to managing quality and compliance related activity. Bringing together many operational and often complex regulatory processes into one comprehensive platform, Radar helps to take the worry out of managing quality and compliance for healthcare providers.

Incident & event management

Providing a consistent approach to reporting, recording and managing incidents, adverse events, accidents, complaints, concerns and compliments.

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Audit management and self-assessment

Simplify audit management and self-assessments with Radar’s completely automated approach to managing compliance and audit related activity.

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Action and improvement plans

Fully integrated service action plans ensure nonconformities are identified, managed and tracked. Easily review action plans at a local or organisational level to spot trends, best practice and learnings; leading to preventative action planning and ongoing service improvements.

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Risk management

Demonstrate and evidence effective management and corporate oversight of risk. With configurable risk registers and integrated action plans, evidencing improvements and managing corrective measures becomes much simpler with Radar.

Workforce training and compliance

Customise, manage and track your employees training, appraisals, supervisions and compliance requirements to ensure a fully competent and compliant workforce.

Business compliance & document management

From documents and policy management to managing any type of important organisational activity such as building and equipment inspections, fire alarm tests and other recurring organisation protocols.

Quality performance tracking

Govern quality and operational frameworks in one place. Ensure nothing gets missed and all performance and compliance related activity is accessible with performance oversight dashboards and reporting tools.

Toolkits & best practice

To help you get the most out of Radar, we've created a series of toolkits, which contain best practice processes and workflows so you can start using the system from day one.

Toolkits include: CQC audit checklists, incident management, complaint management, concerns management, compliments management and workforce compliance.

Quality and compliance focused software

Continuous improvement & risk reduction

Real time information. Available across all platforms, access information instantly

Best practice process

Supporting you every step of the way to manage multiple complex operational processes

Everything in one place

Demonstrate effective service delivery - Track and manage actions and improvements and govern operating frameworks

Here's a snapshot of what you get...


Incident & event management

Audit management

Workforce compliance

Risk register

Action plans

Scheduled tasks

Document management


Dashboards & reporting

Form builder/editor

Standard API’s

Web forms


Ready to use event management toolkits:

  • Incident types relevant to your service
  • Complaints
  • Compliments
  • Concern

CQC Audit checklist

  • Manage CQC and other regulatory visits


  • Training & Compliance tracker template

Scalable for all businesses

With instant access to ready configured toolkits, processes and workflows it’s easy using Radar from day 1



Broad range of integrated functionality

Benchmarking and performance monitoring

Cost Effective

There’s no one size fits all approach


Govern all types of operating and quality frameworks. Our workflow builder and configuration tools support personalisation at every level.

Work with our standard toolkits and be up and running instantly or choose to personalise the system to the needs of your organisation.

Proven delivery and onboarding methods ensure we have an onboarding and customisation plan that works with you putting you in control.

A completely customisable set up, led by you

Speak to us today and find out how Radar Healthcare can help your organisation.