Healthcare Incident & Event Reporting

Manage all types of incident and events easily ensuring corrective action is planned, assigned and implemented and learnings are shared to prevent recurrence.

Key incident and event reporting features:

  • Fully customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile ready
  • Interoperable with PAS/HR systems etc.
  • KPI and deadline tracking
  • Ability to record, investigate and analyse your incidents
  • Integrated corrective action planning
  • Evidence-based reporting for CQC
  • Real-time access to information
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Intuitive Software

Reporting of incidents, near misses, complaints, risks, compliments, concerns and comments needs to be quick and simple to reduce the burden on staff responsible for recording this information. 

Radar has been designed with both clinical and non-clinical users in mind, ensuring that all types of incident reporting are captured easily across the workforce.   The user-friendly interface makes it simple to quickly raise incidents using drop down lists and context aware forms; reducing discretionary input and ensuring the appropriate information is logged.

Full visibility & reporting

Corporate governance and board level reporting are made simple with Radar’s reporting tools and dashboards.  Access to KPI’s and incident details across any service is provided in real-time, ensuring the ability to proactively identify and respond to non-compliances and breaches.

Radar’s report builder facilitates reporting for any type of event. Using data from forms and workflows, it’s easy to monitor learnings and trends at a macro level right through to micro-level reporting of specific service users and types of events.

Closing the loop - end to end incident management

Every incident and event type has a defined workflow within Radar that must be followed by the assigned manager to ensure full compliance with standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements. 

Each incident is risk assessed and any mitigating actions logged through the software.

The resulting Radar reports facilitate information sharing to support  root cause analysis of the incident; and integrated action planning ensures that lessons learned lead to service improvements

Further reporting to external regulators can also be incorporated into the workflow, reducing duplication of workload for mandatory notifications.

Fully customisable to your way of working

With self-configuration tools, you have flexibility to tailor your workflows to each of your required incident types, ensuring your standard operating procedures are followed and any regulatory expectations are met.

  • Easy to use - Create online forms with ease using our simple drag and drop interface which doesn’t require any technical skills to use.
  • Feature rich - From assessments, body maps, service user lookups and more, we give you the tools you need to be able to create context-aware forms to capture your incidents and events.
  • Easy to publish - Use existing form templates or create new forms, make your changes and publish!
  • Simple to change - Want to capture an additional piece of information on an existing form or change text? Use the form editor to update form elements and information easily.

Integrated risk management

Any incident or event log can easily be linked to departmental or corporate risk registers to ensure full risk management is covered throughout the organisation with visibility of associated risks escalated from reported incidents.

Embedded forms

Capture feedback and compliments from your website

Radar provides a simple way to capture real-time patient experience and responses using embedded website forms. 

Customer feedback can be captured anonymously through your website and passed through a pre-determined workflow to further support corrective action planning.

"We can see where our problem areas are, more importantly, we can now track the trend of these events, create action plans and link these to other areas of the business if needed."

Simon Smith,
Head of Care Standards