Audit Management Software

Radar provides health and social care organisations with a completely automated approach to managing compliance and audit-related activity.

Key audit management features:

  • Fully customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile ready with a supporting app to carry out audits offline
  • Audit scheduling, alerts and notifications
  • Pre-configured CQC self-assessments
  • Corrective action planning system
  • Dynamic KPI reporting to drive quality improvement
  • Document storage for evidence uploads
  • Reporting dashboard for real-time visibility of compliance status
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Full visibility & reporting

Reporting dashboards at service, regional and organisational level offer real time compliance status against each audit type and their associated action plans.  This offers corporate oversight and benchmarking to promote standardised service delivery. 

Carry out audits offline

Using the Radar audit app, users can carry out audits and assessments on a tablet or mobile device without the need for an internet connection. Any information input throughout the audit is then uploaded to the main system when the connection resumes.

With the ability to upload evidence and comment on audit questions quickly, the app expedites the process of carrying out checks with lots of supporting documentation or when working in an environment where an internet connection is not possible.

Import your own audits and self-assessments

Whether it’s ISO, health and safety, CQC or other operational audits or assessments, Radar’s easy-to-use import function provides the ability to create your standard audit templates quickly and easily.

Using your audit template content, Radar automates your specific checks, reducing the need for paper-based working or manual processes. 

Fully customisable to your way of working

Check your service compliance against regulatory expectations and prepare for your next CQC inspection with our pre-configured self-assessment templates. Self-assessment templates are available for all health and social care provider types enabling you to report across the CQC’s key lines of enquiry (KLOE).

Set your own KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be set against each audit to help benchmark, compare service levels and drive necessary improvements.  

Automatic scoring throughout the audit process provides auditors with real-time visibility of performance. 

Simple audit scheduling

Scheduling of audits can be automatically scheduled as part of your quality assurance framework and in line with your standard operating procedures or scheduled on an ad-hoc basis in response to an incident or breach. Our automatic scheduling function can also be recurring, ensuring that once an audit has been carried out, the next audit is automatically scheduled and assigned to the relevant person. Confidential audits can be set against specific checks, hiding these from the calendar function to support the scheduling of spot checks and unannounced visits.

Uploads and evidence

Upload documents and evidence to each step of your audit where appropriate. 

When setting up an audit template, you can choose to make uploads or comments mandatory ensuring a thorough and rigorous auditing process with the correct level of information captured against each step of the audit.

Corrective action planning

A fully integrated action planning tool is incorporated into the audit management workflow to help you close the loop on non-compliances. Once an audit has been completed, the responsible person will be alerted to any non-compliant findings or opportunities for improvement and prompted to create a corresponding action plan, ensuring that tasks are assigned, monitored and closed when appropriate. Trends in recurring actions across audits and specific requirements can be easily identified through the reporting dashboard.

Alerts and notifications

By assigning audits to a responsible person within the organisation Radar provides the ability to easily track audit status and assigned actions from creation to completion. Real-time alerts and notifications ensure deadlines are at the forefront of everyone’s mind leading to more timely execution of action plans.

Full audit trail

The status of current audits can be tracked at any time and historic/archived audits can be reviewed retrospectively. When an audit has been completed, full summary reports, including PDF versions, are available to share, facilitate learning or used for submission as evidence to CQC, other regulators and commissioners.

"With Radar, our senior managers have alert-based, real time data to work with, and the ability to benchmark compliance performance across the sites really helps drive improvements."

Mark Robson,
Quality Lead